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Consulting-Led Services Power Studio Capabilities


We’ve organized our capabilities into Studios that integrate domain expertise and resources, proprietary technology enablers and accelerators, and proven best practices and processes. From best-of-breed business and technology solutions to end-to-end engagements, we deliver through our five Studios.

SAP Solutions

Transforming and Modernizing
SAP-Powered Supply Chains

No one has a better track record with SAP platforms than Bristlecone. As a preferred SAP partner, we can position you to thrive on change with SAP S/4HANA, IBP and Ariba.

Insights & Resources

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S/4HANA Cloud – Getting Started

Platform Solutions

Optimizing and Elevating
Supply Chain Infrastructures

Harness the power of best-of-breed platforms. We can implement, integrate and elevate your ERP/SCM environment to boost operational agility, visibility and performance.

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Analytics & AI

Unlocking Valuable Insights
and Enabling Visibility

Put your data to work by leveraging AI-powered analytics to gain unprecedented visibility, unlock valuable insights and enable intelligent data-driven decision-making.

Insights & Resources

AI-Powered Smart Procurement and Data Lake Solution Saves Manufacturer $25M
Machine Learning Drives Auto Parts Leader’s Bottom Line Up $10M Annually

Everything Connected

Integrating and Connecting
Anything and Everything

Realize the incredible power of a connected enterprise. We can connect and integrate your disparate systems, platforms, devices, apps, data, networks and cloud technologies.

Insights & Resources

Hyper Intelligent Automation: The Next Frontier for RPA
Smart Integration, an Essential Building Block for Digital Platforms

Modern Engineering

Streamlining and Accelerating
Business Transformations

Looking to build, optimize or maintain your systems? Tap into our expertise and enablers to transition to the cloud, enhance CX, and roll out new security and operations processes.

Insights & Resources

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