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Only Bristlecone brings you unrivaled experience across Industrial, Consumer and Technology sectors, combined with an exclusive focus on supply chains. We understand the challenges you face because we’ve already solved many of your toughest problems for other companies like yours.


Managing the many complexities of sourcing, manufacturing, logistics and delivery across industrial supply chains is no easy task. From discrete manufactured products, to high-tech and machinery and equipment, to liquids and gas, factors like temperature, time pressures and safety add risk every step of the way.
Take control of complexity and risk.
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The Success

Glass Company Saves $25M through Price Prediction and Spend Anomaly Detection
Auto Parts Manufacturer Recoups $10M a Year with ML-Driven Demand Forecasting
Semiconductor Company uses AI-Powered App to Boost Forecast Accuracy by 40%


Perhaps nowhere is the impact of disruption greater than in the consumer sectors – from retail and CPG to life sciences. Dramatic fluctuations in demand, new economics, lagging technology and the reality of pandemic-level consumer expectations place intense pressure on supply chain performance.
Stay ahead of consumer demand.
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The Success

Mattress Manufacturer Reduces Delivery Reschedules, Saves $500K in First Year Alone
Candymaker’s Post-Merger Integration Aligns Supply Chain Planning for 40+ Brands
Life Sciences Company Taps into AI to Track 300,000+ Annual Shipments in Real Time


The biggest reason why we know so much about software and platforms and fintech? The leading companies behind them are not only our partners, they’re also our clients. We design, develop and test product releases and provide services to keep them and their customers a step ahead of the market and competition.
Thrive on our partnerships and expertise.
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The Success

Cloud Data Management Company Fast-Tracks Adapter Creation and Certification
Retail Cloud Services Leader Achieves 100% Customer Satisfaction with ‘B2B Factory’
Automation Platform Provider Cuts Licensing Fees and Integration Customizations

Clients Accelerated

Clients Accelerated


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